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A perfumed decoration "So Girly"
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A perfumed decoration "So Girly"

What could be more pleasant than the sensation of well-being by sitting down in a car thanks to the scent of a perfume tickling your senses… but not just any perfume!  A flavor and a design that you like, a fragrance that suits you and matches your style. Eh yes! The decoration is not only dedicated to our house and to our eyes! but also to our car as well as to our olfactory sense.

Here is a series of articles on the decoration of the senses presenting 5 different inspirations of decoration:
a playful and feminine touch for a So Girly scented decoration with soft and fruity aromas, a Discrete style combining sobriety and olfactory delicacy, a Zen atmosphere rallying peace of mind and natural flavor for a smooth driving, a special For Men style full of virility through captivating fragrances or a style full of originality giving free rein to your own imagination by combining perfumes and colors.


Scented feminine fashion !


Nothing better than a Girly decoration to catch everyone's eye on you… oops, on your Car of course. 

With the range of Froufrou air fresheners, awaken all your senses.

Remain trendy by adopting these flashy colors (candy pink, red kiss) which will brighten up your travels and those of your passengers.

Your childhood memories will also be part thanks to the Little Trees ARBRE MAGIQUE Bubble Gum, Melting Caramel and Berry Burst.


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