FROUFROU French Kiss

Ref : P-FF001-FR

Hanging cellulose air freshener with seducing strawberry sugar scent.

This air freshener is double printed (different front and back imagery)
Dominant colour: red


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The Froufrou line's appeal lies in its ability to seduce the senses!

The shape of this series of air fresheners is unique in its representation of one of the most stylish accessories of all time. With its glamorously retro features, the Froufrou range releases fragrances that ooze charm and seduction from every pore: Amour, with its sweet vanilla notes, French Kiss, with a voluptuously sweet strawberry aroma, Flirt with its delicate lavender freshness, and Passion, with an intoxicating Eau de Parfum fragrance,Sexy and Seduction.

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