I Love
Air Fresheners

I LOVE Boncuk

Ref : 50507
I LOVE is a range of paper air fresheners that highlights your favorite region, country or theme.

Vanilla-scented air freshener representing a blue eye that can be seen almost everywhere in Turkey, Greece, and other countries of the Levant, North Africa and Central Asia.
It is a traditional amulet, a protective talisman.

Front design is the same as on the back
Diam. 6 cm
The colors of this air freshener will bring serenity in your vehicle as in your home.



Did you know?

Its origin dates back to the dawn of time in Central Asia, so that we find different variations in Armenia, Caucasus, Mesopotamia, Persia but also in the former provinces of the Ottoman Empire (Anatolia, Greece, Lebanon, Syria, North Africa ...)


  • To be hang
  • Fruity fragrance
  • Blue