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I LOVE Spain

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LOVE is a range of paper air fresheners that highlights your favorite region, country or theme.

Flag composed of 3 horizontal bands of colors: red, yellow and red, with, in the center, the national shield (castle, lion, bars, chains and pomegranate) surmounted by a crown with 8 florets (1927). Red and gold were chosen as the national emblem in 1785.

Fruity Vanilla scent 
Product size: 10,5 x 7 cm


Did you know?

The coat of arms of the Kingdom of Spain includes several elements that date back to a thousand-year-old history: a coat of arms composed of six parts, the Spanish royal crown that surmounts the shield and two columns that flank it on the right and left surmounted by the imperial (right) and royal (left) crowns.

  • To be hang
  • Sweet fragrance
  • Red
  • Yellow

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