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LOVE is a range of paper air fresheners that highlights your favorite region, country or theme.

Double-sided air freshener highlighting the theme of PEACE (unity, joy, faith, respect, hope, tolerance, freedom).

Fruity vanilla fragrance
Product size 10,5 x 7 cm


Did you know?

Peace comes from the Latin pax, pacis, which refers to the action of making a convention between two opponents. The word peace refers to a state of tranquility and in particular the state of a country that is not at war. The dove is one of the symbols of peace that is most represented in the four corners of the world. This animal symbolizes purity, harmony between all beings, hope and simplicity.

True peace is not just the absence of tensions, but the presence of justice. ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

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  • Fruity fragrance
  • Blue

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