Air Fresheners

A really discreet touch of fragrance

Bring urban style to the inside of your vehicle!

EGO, the brand of new air freshener with a look that is both trendy and streamlined, blends in really discreetly with your vehicle dashboard.

The EGO air freshener is made of aluminium and has a look which is really cool, but at the same time understated. The black and silver versions of this air freshener blend into the interior of your car. As for the electric blue and candy pink options, they are specially designed for those who prefer to add a touch of personality while maintaining a trendy design.

The fragrances, all really cool and perfectly matched with the freshener's style, are of a high quality and keep your car smelling sweet for more than 2 months!!!


Check out the 4 existing versions:

The Pink

The Blue

The Black

The Silver

EGO range is no longer available. Please check our full range.