About us

Presentation: SDAA, over 40 years of expertise

In accordance with market trends, our line of business is focused on the design and distribution of a specific category of car accessories, namely, passion brand products. Air fresheners are our main specialism. Accordingly, SDAA is the official distributor in the French market of the renowned air freshener brand ARBRE MAGIQUE. We also design our own SDAA air freshener product lines and bespoke private brands.


Operational Areas

  • mass market and DIY stores
  • petrol stations
  • automotive aftermarket and wholesalers
  • motor centres
  • car manufacturers
  • discount stores
  • car washes
  • tobacco wholesalers
  • etc.

Expertise and Business Undertakings

  • marketing and sales monitoring
  • permanent reference listing management & product shelving optimisation
  • marketing campaign launches
  • monitoring of current rules and safety regulations
  • quality guarantee
  • close and trustworthy relationships
  • adaptability, flexibility & availability


Are you a retailer seeking to develop a car air freshener or a home and personal care indoor fragrance under a distributor brand?

Contact us directly and we will take care of your proposal: sdaa@daa-france.com