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Arbre Magique Story - My first time magic Little Tree

Memory... Memory...  

There is a first time to everything, even when purchasing your first Arbre Magique air-freshener!

This fan made a small gift to her car by buying an Arbre Magique Little Tree for the first time to fit her very first car. There are memories that remain...

Moreover, smell is the most sensitive sense of memory. Who doesn't remember the smell of a grandmother's dish or scents of childhood delicacies like Bubble Gum fragrance?

Thank you Sylvie for sharing your first Arbre Magique Little Tree. We feel your emotion in your sharing of experience MAGIC TREE. 

"My first Arbre Magique purchase was at the time of my first car. I had spotted it in a store and as the tree reminded me of Christmas Day, I took it. Since that day, I have tried many perfumes and never get tired of them."