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Decrypting a fragrance

A perfume is not a simple smell. It is much deeper than that. It is much deeper than that and is not a coincidence.
We can decipher a flavor by looking at its notes that we can find in the structure of a perfume: the olfactory pyramid.

This pyramid is divided into different fragrance notes - a note being the characteristic of a fragrance composition - which we include in three major categories: top notes, heart notes and base notes. 


Let start with the « top note »  


This note provides the first olfactory impression.
These are very fresh fragrances, composed most of time of citrus fruits and aromatic plants.
These are the first scents recognized by the nose but they are also the first to leave. T
his first contact is brief and ephemeral. It last between 30 minutes and 2 hours only. 

Fragrance Citron


We continue in the depths of the flavor with the « middle note or heart note »    


It appears after the top note. It is less pronounced.
Why do we call it "heart note"? because it reveals the character of the perfume, its personality, its soul. 
We find floral, spicy, fruity and green notes there.
The heart note is tough and evolves between 2 and 4 hours following the evaporation of the top note. 

Fragrances Strawberry, LavenderPeach







We finish by the strength of the « base note »


It is a heavy and durable note that secures the scent over time.
It appears approximately 5 hours after the first phase and, for some, last for several months.
There are mostly wooden and balsamic notes.  

Fragrances Vanilla, Musc