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Effervescent pads for automotive windscreen washers

Ref : LAV316
Practical windshield washer and friendly for the environment!

Practical because always at hand in the glove compartment.

Pad to dissolve in water to instantly obtain 5 liters of windshield washer product. Efficient for insect traces, greasy deposits and other dirt.
The package contains 2 pads, the equivalent of 10 liters of windshield washer.



Every action counts! By choosing this product, you contribute to respect for the environment: less transport (95% savings) and less plastic (2 g of plastic against 400 g on average for 2 cans of 5-liter windshield washer products).

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For the environment, I choose a purchase with less packaging

You receive the same product, but with less packaging. More info

Effervescent pads for automotive windscreen washers in video