Products with less packaging

Air Fresheners


Awareness of environmental protection must become a reality for everyone.
Unfortunately, we can't be in control of everything. Nevertheless, each step is a contribution to change things.

In this sense, we offer the possibility of delivering products with less packaging.
This reduces the consumption of non-essential materials, waste and the carbon effect.
Some will see it as a drop in the ocean but if everyone takes part, the change in our consumtion patterns will have a positive impact.


Wherever possible, we offer our products with less packaging, or without commercial packaging. Indeed, some air fresheners require a minimum of packaging to retain their fragrance.
This option is possible depending on our manufacture partnerships that's why we can't generalize this offer.

Please note that air fresheners need to be compliant with some regulations so that some information is mandatory.
Although you receive your air fresheners without packaging, we ensure that our products have the mandatory labelling.


When ordering online in our eshop you can go for the option 'less packaging'.

You receive the same product, but with less packaging.
A small gesture for the environment!