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LITTLE TREES, what's your name?

Arbre Magique, the little tree but not only...

In France, the brand's name is Arbre Magique. You will also find this name in countries like Belgium or Italy. On German and Swiss markets and more generally in Northern Europe and Eastern countries, Arbre Magique becomes WUNDER-BAUM. In the rest of the world Arbre Magique is known as LITTLE TREES. Not to be confused with CAR FRESHNER, which is the name of the American company that manages the brand and the factories located around the world. Note that a few years ago, the name LITTLE TREES was not used in the UK, where Arbre Magique was called MAGIC TREE

Alongside its official name, there are several expressions commonly used to evoke Arbre Magique: green little tree, little Christmas tree for cars, smell-well that you hang on the rearview mirror, scented paper product, product against bad odors, neutralizer, etc. 

As for the error most frequently made by consumers is the use of the noun deodorant, which is a body care product! The fragranced product for cars is an air freshener!!!

LITTLE TREES, what's your name? LITTLE TREES, what's your name? LITTLE TREES, what's your name?