Air Fresheners


These Little Trees that have been made over!

The same fragrance but different name or graphics?!

Yes! some of the Little Trees have changed their look along time!

Black Classic. This black Little Tree, a classic of the range and a must have fragrance, kept its color and its fragrance but changed its name to...  Black Ice!
Bubble Gum kept its fragrance name and its sweety scent but completely changed its graphics. From a flashy pink with a touch of green, it has moved to a design with still pink but softer colors.   
Leather scent improved not only its graphics with a smooth grain texture but also its fragrance, the notes of which are very close to those of genuine leather smell.  
Lavender Little Tree changed its perfume and its color that went from a deep lilas to pastel notes. We love this transformation!  
Coconut fragrance kept its sweet notes of exotism but you can see the transformation in color. The result is a look that is much closer to natural without the original orange color. This is a great success!