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Story Little Trees - When I was young

In memory of old times

Ah! these youthful memories which revive us, which fill us with emotions and which make certain habits persist.

Thank you to Valentin for sharing his memories of the Little Trees Lavender fragrance as well as his collection of products from the brand.

"My passion for Little Trees goes back to my childhood. My brother-in-law had a burgundy Citroën ZX and there was a good smell in it. And it came from the lavender-scented Little Tree that hung from the rearview mirror. So I'm sharing my passion with you of my current collection of Little Trees. As you can see, my favorite is City Style and my second favorite is Black Ice.
I have 9 in my car. I put a new one on every 3 weeks or even 1 month. I won't throw them away I saw that on the website there are some that I don't have and  that are not available at the store near me (coffee, leather, orange and tiger. I will create an account and I will order them as soon as possible."