WHAT do we offer ?

Air Fresheners

We adapt to your ideas. Our teams are specialized in taking charge of part or all of your project according to your needs.

For a project based on air fresheners, we offer :

Le support : proposition du support parfumé en fonction de votre projet (faisabilité technique, rendu visuel, etc.)

        • The air freshener : we advise on what kind of air freshener you should use according to your project (technical feasibility, the design, etc.)
        • Fragrances :  we have a standard catalogue but we can also develop a customized scent or even use your own essences.
        • Compliance : we advise on the regulations in force so that your project is compliant.  
        • Infographics : we complete/check your project or we carry out the entire graphic development.
        • Packaging : your project is finalized and you are looking for a specific packaging solution? We can offer standard or more environmentally friendly packaging or we can simply work on the packaging graphics.
        • Other : conception of manufacturing molds suitable to your project, production solutions in the event of default by your current partner, etc.

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