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Air Fresheners

Where to hang my air freshener?

If the Little Tree has taken pride of place on the rear view mirror of our cars, it's because we've forgotten that it's not the only place for this accessory!

We sometimes forget that the sweet scents of the famous Arbre Magique air fresheners can be enjoyed in other places than in the car, including, for example:

  • at home, hanging up in the wardrobe (the Lavender fragrance especially) or in the toilet
  • in an office
  • in a waiting room, 
  • in a hotel room, etc.

Avoid places

However, as a precautionary measure, there are places that should be avoided. The main rule is that the air freshener should never be allowed to come into direct contact with other surfaces or materials. 

The main places to avoid putting your Little Tree: on the dashboard or hung around the gear stick. And of course, avoid all contact with skin! 



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