Air Fresheners

Who is the personalization service intended for?
Craftsman or other professional, individual, association, communication agency, wedding planner, store, tourist information center or other community :  our offer of customization is suitable to all your communication needs.

Which products are customizable?
Air fresheners of course: scented paper pads, air fresheners in wood, felt, in bottles, etc.
But also other products, such as cleaning products, coasters, ...
More information on customizable products


How to make a personalized air freshener or product?

We offer two possibilities to design your custom product:

1/ Let us do
Our team will take care of your project.
Possibility of receiving samples. Contact us to tell us about your project.

2/ Online configurator
The fragranced paper can be personalized with your texts and photos, with our configurator.
Custom your fragranced paper according to the options offered: choose a visual, a shape, a fragrance...
Order online: a first deposit is required.
Our designers create the model and send you the soft proofing for verification and validation.
After that, your order is launched.
More information on our personalization terms and conditions.

Do you want an air freshener or a personalized product, and you still have questions?
Do not hesitate to contact us.