Tips and tricks
Air Fresheners

User instructions for air fresheners

We recommend to read the instructions for use of our products, in order to get the most out of them safely.

Air fresheners to hang: 

 -  paper ranges: ART, I LOVELITTLE TREES

Cut the top of the bag, extract the product and hang it out of contact with any surface


Other hanging air fresheners:  

 each have their own solution for controlling the diffusion of their scent. For example, the intensity of the AIR PERFUME BOTTLE fragrance is controlled by regularly turning the little bottle so that the perfumed scent can be dispersed by the wooden cap.

Air fresheners to spray:  


These products can be used wherever you want.

Clip-on diffusers:

for attaching to air vents, such as our FRESH OWLSVENT WRAP or AIR PERFUME VENT 
They release their fragrance according to how high you select the ventilation control of your car.


CLIP Arbre Magique (A)
- FIBER CAN Arbre Magique (B)

These products can be used wherever you want.






Most people hang their air fresheners on the rear view mirror, but that's not the only place you can put them. See "Where to hang my Little Tree?"


Air fresheners are not toys

It is important to keep them out of reach of children and animals. It is equally important to avoid the risk of swallowing the product or allowing it to come into contact with skin. Moreover, by touching an air freshener, you are coming into direct contact with perfume fragrances, and if you rub your eyes, for example, you risk irritating them, just like with a perfume or any other cosmetic product. 

Using compliant products

It is essential to use products that comply with the regulations in force in order to ensure the safety of users.

The manufacture of air fresheners is subject to a number of standards set out by the international organisation, IFRA (International Fragrance Association) Founded in the 1970s and based in Switzerland, the IFRA regulates the fragrance industry on a global level. Its aim is to establish standards that serve as a benchmark for the manufacture of air fresheners, in order to allow users to safely enjoy scented products.

At European level, there are 2 essential and unavoidable standards. First of all, the REACH regulation, established in 2007. It is a system of Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of CHemicals. Its purpose it to regulate the manufacture and use of substances. In addition, in 2008, the European Parliament established the CLP regulation relating to Classification, Labelling anf Packaging of substances and mixtures. It is thanks to this regulation that manufacturers have the obligation to communicate information on the components on the packaging of the products.