Air Fresheners


Who is SDAA?
SDAA is the company that officially represents Arbre Magique air fresheners on French territory.
SDAA also develops other air fresheners ranges for French and foreign markets.  

Can I trust the « www.sdaa-france.com » website?
Our site is secure. You can check it in the browser address. 

Our address starts with https:// which stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, unlike the http protocol which is an insecure protocol. If a site starts with https, it means that you are communicating with a website safely (no one can see what you are doing on your computer).

The data is encrypted and you can, for example, communicate your banking information.
In addition, a closed padlock appears in front of our address. If this padlock is not closed (or if it is closed but crossed out), the site is not secure even if it is in https.

What are the customer service opening hours?

You can reach the customer service from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 12pm and from 1pm to 5pm excluding public holidays (Alsace-Moselle) at +33 387 982 237 or contact@sdaa-france.com.

Didn't get the answer you wanted?
Don't panic! Go to the CONTACT page and send us your question. We will answer as soon as possible.



Who is the personalization service intended for?
Craftsman or other professional, individual, association, communication agency, wedding planner, store, tourist information center or other community :  our offer of customization is suitable to all your communication needs.

Which products are customizable?
Air fresheners of course: scented paper pads, air fresheners in wood, felt, in bottles, etc.
But also other products, such as cleaning products, coasters, ...
More information on customizable products


How to make a personalized air freshener or product?

We offer two possibilities to design your custom product:

1/ Let us do
Our team will take care of your project.
Possibility of receiving samples. Contact us to tell us about your project.

2/ Online configurator
The fragranced paper can be personalized with your texts and photos, with our configurator.
Custom your fragranced paper according to the options offered: choose a visual, a shape, a fragrance...
Order online: a first deposit is required.
Our designers create the model and send you the soft proofing for verification and validation.
After that, your order is launched.
More information on our personalization terms and conditions.

Do you want an air freshener or a personalized product, and you still have questions?
Do not hesitate to contact us.


Air Freshners

How to use air fresheners?

Like many products, air fresheners have their own instructions for use. 
It is important to follow these in order to make the most of the product and to use it safely.

Find out how to use our air fresheners:
See the user manual


Products with less packaging


Awareness of environmental protection must become a reality for everyone.
Unfortunately, we can't be in control of everything. Nevertheless, each step is a contribution to change things.

In this sense, we offer the possibility of delivering products with less packaging.
This reduces the consumption of non-essential materials, waste and the carbon effect.
Some will see it as a drop in the ocean but if everyone takes part, the change in our consumtion patterns will have a positive impact.


Wherever possible, we offer our products with less packaging, or without commercial packaging. Indeed, some air fresheners require a minimum of packaging to retain their fragrance.
This option is possible depending on our manufacture partnerships that's why we can't generalize this offer.

Please note that air fresheners need to be compliant with some regulations so that some information is mandatory.
Although you receive your air fresheners without packaging, we ensure that our products have the mandatory labelling.


When ordering online in our eshop you can go for the option 'less packaging'.

You receive the same product, but with less packaging.
A small gesture for the environment!